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Why Divorce Attorneys Charge for Initial Consultations

I charge for initial consultations. For an hour of my time, meeting that has a completely new client, my rate is actually between $350 – $500. Why? Well, I don’t give free advice. yet This kind of article below summarizes another major reason lawyers don’t give free consults – we don’t enjoy being “conflicted out” for free. For example, if I meet with wife in addition to she discloses private info, I will not be able to represent husband. Thus, if wife goes around tinseltown, meeting every single lawyer – husband will not be able to obtain representation. See below article.


How “Conflicting Out” Top Divorce Attorneys Can Impact Your Divorce

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I am not in favor of dirty tricks during divorce. However, pretending they never happen doesn’t do anyone any not bad, either.

Divorcing women need to understand the full range of tactics some husbands use, in addition to they need to be proactive –not reactive –as they work to secure the best possible divorce settlement. To which end, if you are contemplating divorce, you need to know about a tactic I see quite often in financially complex divorce cases:

“Conflicting out” all the top divorce lawyers

By “conflicting out” certain attorneys, your husband can make the idea difficult for you to hire the lawyer which’s best for you. Here’s how the idea works: He makes appointments with all the top lawyers in your area. Then, he meets with each one –yet only for a short time. All he needs to do during those meeting is actually share enough information to create an attorney-client relationship. Once he does, which particular attorney will be prohibited coming from representing you.

Of course, your husband doesn’t actually have to hire any of these attorneys. The entire goal with This kind of tactic is actually to “conflict out” attorneys so they cannot be hired by you.

Celebrities frequently use This kind of strategy –in addition to men aren’t the only ones which do. In fact, Heidi Klum made headlines earlier This kind of year for divorce attorney “shopping” in Los Angeles. Of course, Heidi simply may have been interviewing divorce attorneys to find the most qualified in addition to the one she would certainly be most comfortable with – a perfectly legitimate endeavor.

The lesson here is actually simple. Don’t procrastinate when hiring a divorce attorney. If you do, you could miss out on the opportunity to retain a great lawyer!

What are some different tactics used by husbands during a divorce?

Don’t get me wrong. Not all divorces are bitter battles. Some are relatively amicable, in addition to the vast majority are settled outside the courts. However, atBedrock Divorce Advisors we’ve seen quite a few underhanded financial in addition to legal tactics employed by husbands or their divorce teams.

Many husbands will also:

Stall in addition to delay. By repeatedly rescheduling court hearings in addition to/or filing excessive motions in addition to requests for evidence, a husband can drive up his wife’s legal costs in addition to stretch out the time during which she must cover living expenses. In these cases, the husband is actually hoping she’ll run out of money in addition to be forced to agree to his settlement offer, which is actually often extremely unfavorable to her.

Exert pressure to proceed too quickly. A husband who wants his wife to agree to a “quick” settlement may have something to hide. For instance, very early inside the process, the husband’s attorney may send over a settlement proposal for the wife to review in addition to counter. Usually, This kind of means the husband just wants to get the divorce over in addition to done with quickly, in addition to he wants his wife to settle for what appears to be a reasonable offer. The problem, of course, is actually which in many cases, she has not received all the discovery documents requested, so she doesn’t have complete knowledge about key financial matters, such as marital assets, income sources, expenses, what they owe in addition to what’s owed them.

Rushing to get a settlement is actually especially sneaky if the husband has been busy hiding assets in addition to/or income in addition to right now he is actually trying to get her to agree to a 50-50 split of only a portion of their total assets!

Deny access to financial resources. Unfortunately, many married women do not take a hands-on approach to the family finances. During a divorce, a husband can use her lack of knowledge to his advantage. He can ensure which only he can access family funds, cut off his wife’s credit cards, move funds out of family accounts, etc. Actions like these can leave his wife without the money necessary to buy groceries, much less hire the right divorce team to represent her…while he hires an excellent team to represent him.

This kind of is actually especially problematic for abused women who live in constant fear of harm—to themselves in addition to/or their children.

Hide assets. As I have discussed at length in earlier blog posts (see 21 Signs which Your Husband May Be Hiding Marital Assets During Your Divorce in addition toDivorcing Women: Here’s Where Husbands Typically Hide Assets), hiding assets during a divorce is actually sneaky, unethical in addition to illegal –yet the idea happens much more frequently than most women expect.

Fail to pay court-ordered support or refuse to relinquish assets.Husbands who don’t follow court orders are breaking the law –in addition to they force their wives to try to extract the promised payments at considerable legal cost long after the divorce is actually over. What’s more, all This kind of financial in addition to legal wrangling is actually terribly time-consuming. Some women have to take time off coming from work to deal with these issues, in addition to which can put their jobs in jeopardy. Sadly, many family courts do a poor job enforcing such orders, even when a woman follows its requirements to the letter, in addition to even for a well-meaning judge, deception on the part of an ex-husband can be difficult to decipher or prove.

Because there are so many different dirty tricks, I recommend which women maintain their own emergency fund in a separate bank account, even if divorce has never entered their minds. If you are contemplating divorce, make sure you start organizing your personal finances in addition to important documentsunder the guidance of a qualified divorce financial strategist. During the divorce, you’ll need to Think Financially, Not Emotionally® so you can keep your finances intact while planning for a secure financial future.


All articles/blog posts are for informational purposes only, in addition to do not constitute legal advice. If you require legal advice, retain a lawyer licensed in your jurisdiction. The opinions expressed are solely those of the author, who is actually not an attorney.

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Why Divorce Attorneys Charge for Initial Consultations


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