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Hi fellas,
which’s been awhile since I’ve written anything, along with even longer since I’ve been consistent i posting here.
I apologize. For those of you who don’t know, I spent six years -coming from 2008 until 2014- homeless. I lost my job inside economic crash along with then I lost my home. I stayed in Nashville, where we lived at the time, because I refused to give up my fatherhood. which required me to sleep in my car.
There is usually a lot to which story, although I won’t recap all 6 years here in one post.
Suffice to say, which was hard to be regular here on which blog. I’ve been settled here in Virginia for three years right now. Life is usually slowly returning to normal. My daughter is usually here along with she’s recovering coming from the crap her mother’s second ex husband put her through. I have a not bad job along with I’m rebuilding.
which was hard to survive all which, so you can imagine which which was hard to write very much content because of which blog. although with things at least a little more “normal” right now, I am determined to resume which blog along with get back to helping the guys out there who have been wounded in which war.
I recently released a brand new book, chronicling the six years I spent homeless. which’s entitled: “Nowhere to lay my Head: The True Story of a Homeless Dad.” You can buy which HERE  which’s a very emotional read, although which encourages you not to quit.
I may resume the radio show inside future, if things shake out. inside meantime, I plan on expanding which site to include more resources for dads like us.
Never quit, men…never, ever, quit.

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