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Top LE-NOR Artist Music Song

Artist Name:LE-NOR
Song Name:Who Am I
Artist From:Georgia


LE-NOR is an independent poet, songwriter, and blogger from Atlanta, Georgia. A talented singer since the age of 5, she has experience performing in multiple genres – from pop, R&B, and country, to jazz and spoken word.

Like many great musicians, her songs come from a place of pain. LE-NOR had to endure a traumatic childhood, verbal and physical abuse, and bad relationships to get to where she is today, and these painful feelings are reflected in her music. Amidst all the adversity, poetry and songwriting have been her emotional outlets. Through self-expression, she turns the struggles of her past into positive, uplifting songs for the world to enjoy.

On November 2nd, 2019, LE-NOR published her first single “Believe… Dream…” on YouTube. The dance-infused track was written to inspire positivity and self-love, and encourage listeners to follow their dreams.

LE-NOR isn’t done yet – from here, she wants to perform live online concerts and release her music on all streaming platforms. Above all, she hopes to continue spreading her message of positivity, spirituality, and happiness. Fun fact: she can hold the same note for a full minute! You can find all of her music, poetry, and blog posts online at www.lenorshow.com or www.le-norshow.com, and subscribe to her YouTube channel: Le-NOR.

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