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The "Free" Forms Trap in Online Divorce

This specific article is actually the fourth along with final part of a series dealing with what brand new consumer consumers should consider along with avoid when hiring an online dispute forms prior to handle an uncontested divorce. The "free" forms scam deserved its own article.

The "free" forms scam falls into two distinct categories of websites. We'll call them Kit Providers along with Bait along with Switchers.

Kit Providers : Kit Providers offer blank downloadable forms forms, ie forms not completed with your personal information. Divorce forms need to be completed before they can be filed at court to begin your divorce.

Blank forms are provided by Kit Providers on the basis of which you will be able to complete them using their instructions instructions along with then, again using their written instructions, to file your case at court along with then complete your divorce free of charge (additional than any court filing fee, which can be waived if you have low income).

Therefore, what is actually offered by Kit Providers is actually a compiling potential for those trying to save money in their uncontested divorce cases, ie everyone. They provide the free forms. You provide your personal data. All of which is actually missing is actually the knowledge of how to complete whichever forms apply to your case, what to do with those completed forms along with when to do of which. of which can not be too difficult to figure out of which last part, can of which?

I regret to advise you to forget of which. In divorce, strangely like everything else any of us has ever experienced in life, nothing of any value is actually free. There is actually always a cost hiding somewhere. Downloading free blank forms will never, with any amount of un-personalized written instruction, get you divorced in a clean smooth process, if at all. If you attempt of which, I can actually guarantee you of which of which will not go well. You will encounter the cost you tried to avoid – along with then some!

I have seen the quality of several sets of written instructions of which come with downloadable forms. They are all only several pages of very thin, vague along with sketchy instructions of which will not help you in any practical sense to get your specific case filed or completed without great difficulty. Such instructions could not possibly contain enough specific personal information to enable you to complete your case.

The problem is actually of which unlike after you have hired a lawyer ($ 600- $ 800 for an uncontested) or an experienced high-quality online divorce service ($ 100- $ 300), Kit Providers will not know anything about you, your case or your local court at the time you download their kit along with instructions. Such instructions might literally need to be hundreds of pages long to instruct you on all reasonable possibilities. In fact, they might have to be so long along with complex of which no one might ever read them to try to find the few pages of which apply to her case.

You will still need to figure out how to complete which forms inside the circumances of your case along with what to do with them along with when.

One major California Kit Provider will sell you a 250-page book for $ 22 of which purports to tell you how to fill in their "free" forms along with what to do with them. You might think of which is actually not a bad deal along with could save you some money.

Yet the $ 22 book also fails the practical test, along with they have been selling of which book, updated every year, since 1972. There is actually no doubt of which This specific book is actually well-written by well-intentioned experienced people who are trying to assist you – up to a certain point. however the last time of which book actually worked to tell someone how to complete along with file divorce forms via start to finish was around 1972. Divorce is actually just too complex these days – too many different forms, procedures along with multiple complex life issues of which inevitably bleed through into your specific case.

The $ 22 book (which also comes which has a CD) tells you itself of which of which does not work. On page 18, they tell you of which you will need to hire a lawyer (or one of the 100 Legal Document Assistants who pay to get listed inside the book) if your division of property along with debt is actually not equal (to ensure's about 90% of uncontested divorce cases right there) or if either of you earns over $ 30,000 a year, if you have joint credit cards or have been married more than 5 years (to ensure's the additional 10% of uncontested divorces). You just paid a Kit Provider $ 22 for the best set of instructions available for a kit along with the instructions tell you not to use them!

There is actually no honest reason for a Kit Provider to offer "free" forms with instructions, whether literally free or for $ 22. All divorce forms are public documents. You can download all state along with county blank dispute forms FREE via your state's judicial website, via the website of your county's local Superior or Circuit (or whatever your state's divorce courts are called) Court or sometimes via the local Legal Aid Society website.

You might think, "So what's the problem which has a website offering free what is actually also available free somewhere else?" Your clue to what is actually wrong is actually of which the government along with Legal Aid Society sites will not ask for your email address before you download.

of which's right. There's a hook. Kit Providers are either fronts for law firms or are lead generators for law firms. Lead generators are like lawyer referral services without the referral. They will have sold your zip code to one or more lawyers or law firms.

Because lawyers are not allowed to solicit business, the lawyer can not email you directly, however the Kit Provider is actually not a lawyer. They know of which there is actually virtually no way you will be able to figure out how to complete their kit of blank forms, along with they've got your email address. They have generated you as a lead to be sold. They can solicit you all they want until such time as you get confused enough about the forms along with give up. They will then "rescue" you. You along with your case are assigned to the next law firm entitled to a lead in your zip code.

along with lo along with behold, when you follow the links inside the $ 22 book or on their Kit Provider site, you find of which they are lawyers too. They'll do your entire uncontested case for $ 2000 or just get of which filed for $ 400. So they're not even cheap lawyers.

You could have exercised your own judgment, talked to people you trust along with picked your own local lawyer yourself for about $ 800 for an uncontested case. along with you could have done so without the extra confusion, delay, difficulty along with trickery. Do not get hooked by a "free" Kit Provider or a $ 22 divorce book. The true cost will be the loss of your control over your own case.

Bait along with Switchers: This specific group is actually different along with more insidious because you actually get something at the end, however of which's not what you thought you might get along with to get of which, you have to distribute a lot of private data to someone you have not hired.

I should point out of which my research due to This specific article revealed one dominant Google-partly owned company. I found three websites of which fit the description of This specific group, however minimal clicking promised me back always to the one dominant site. Just search for "free divorce documents." One of This specific company's three (of which I found) affiliates websites will be listed first along with second inside the paid ads. The third website along with the Kit Providers fill out the rest of the paid results.

What you get via Bait along with Switchers (perhaps I should just say, "THE Bait along with Switcher") is actually an enticing advertisement for "free divorce documents," a very not bad, low key, on-site call to action (you almost don ' t know of which you've commenced), the disclosure of your personal data to a Google-company without any contractual relationship between you, the temporary provision of an actual free completed "divorce document" along with no closer at all to getting your uncontested divorce case actually prepared or filed at court.

In fact, the dominant Bait along with Switcher does not offer ANY dispute forms preparation service, additional than the single free document. "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "

What enables the Bait along with Switcher to offer "free divorce documents" ((note the plural) is actually of which in a list of eight documents of which they call "dispute documents," the Divorce Settlement Agreement is actually listed twice by two different documents are so unilaterally to be of any practical value to the vast majority of people, of which is actually clear of which they are inside the list only to enable the site to claim of which they offer multiple divorce documents.

The additional six so-called "divorce" documents include a change of address letter, a demand letter for alimony, a demand letter for child support, a letter to the court asking for existing divorce records along with something called a division worksheet. None of these documents are "divorce documents" in any legal sense. These are all form letters of which took 2 or 3 minutes each to write. None of these are dispute documents of which ever get filed at any court. Yet you were promised "free divorce documents."

Unless you pick one of those non-dispute demand letters, the document you might receive is actually called a Divorce Settlement Agreement. of which is actually the written agreement between you along with your spouse of which covers all aspects of your agreement with your spouse on all issues of your divorce. There is actually no doubt of which of which is actually the single most important document in your case. Yet of which will not get your case filed or finalized without many additional legal documents being prepared along with filed. None of those legal documents are available at any cost via the Bait along with Switcher website.

however the reason you were promised "free divorce documents" inside the first place is actually of which inside the mind of any reasonable person, of which promise reiterates to multiple legal state divorce forms of which get filed at court to begin your case. The Bait along with Switcher knows of which is actually what you will think.

Yet after you have completed the online interview (I might guess at 15-20 minutes of your time in an average case with 2 children along which has a house along which has a few additional normal issues), you have disclosed a large amount of personally identifiable information without the existence of any contract to protect you.

You are then offered three options to proceed. Those are: (1) a free one-week membership; (2) a personal legal services plan for $ 20 per month on credit card auto-billing; or (3) a personal / business legal services plan for $ 50 per month on credit card auto-billing. If you select the free week, you are required to provide credit card data, along with then unless you terminate during of which week, you begin credit card auto-billing for one of the additional two options.

If you scroll down to the very bottom of the screen, even below the orange continue button, you will also see a button of which says, "No thanks, I will take my read only variation." "Read-only" means of which you can not edit or change your free document. of which's a done deal. You're finished. The "read-only" document is actually the only option, after you've invested an average of 15-20 minutes along with disclosed your private information to a Google-company of which does not require disclosure of your credit card data.

is actually there any way to recover after you've been baited with "free divorce documents" along with switched to an individual un-editable document of which will not get your case filed or completed? Either the $ 20 nor the $ 50 per month pre-paid legal services plans cover divorce, although each will enable you to speak to a local lawyer once on the phone. Almost all divorce lawyers provide at least one free telephone consultation.

Anything more than one phone call will be billed to you at 40% of the lawyer's standard rate or $ 125 per hour, whichher is actually greater. Remember the, "Free dispute documents – no credit card required?" Since then, they've tried to sell you a pre-paid legal services plan of which does not cover divorce. Finally, you discover of which the Bait along with Switchers, like so many Kit Providers, are nothing more than lead generators for lawyers. Again, the next lawyer up in your zip code gets your case.

If you think of which either a $ 20 or $ 50 per month pre-paid legal services plan on credit card auto-billing is actually a not bad deal, sign up for one. If you decide to hire a lawyer to handle your uncontested divorce, look around, talk to people you trust, get referrals along with pick a lawyer yourself. Do not get Baited along with Switched into a lawyer of which someone else selects for you.

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