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The "60-Minute" Divorce for under $500

A fresh edition of a “fresh York minute”, or just another sign of the times? A law firm in fresh York City is actually offering clients divorce in under an hour, in addition to for less than $500, not including filing fees, courier expenses, in addition to some other fine print.

For the low fee, clients meet having a lparalegal in addition to lawyer at the NYC firm to provide their personal information. The clients are next provided a ten dollar gift certificate to either McDonald’s or Starbucks to burn-up the last hour of their ill-fated marriage while the law office prepares the document package for a “one-size-fits-all” divorce.

You cannot have issues, however, or which will cost you more. The basic premise is actually which the divorce has to be absolutely 100% “pro confesso” (i.e. uncontested). Basic input is actually collected via the client in addition to a set of pleadings are prepared within the alotted hour. A judgment is actually generated in addition to executed for entry in addition to filing with the court at the appropriate time, usually six months.

If you have marital property, need support, or have children, This specific too can be done in an hour; nevertheless will cost you almost double. A Prenuptial agreement will all nevertheless disqualify you via the program, although a “conventional” divorce could still be available.

Perhaps the firm is actually onto something; anyone facing the stress in addition to uncertainty of divorce will appreciate speed of service combined with an affordable cost package. To discuss similar options at our law firm, email us for an appointment.
The "60-Minute" Divorce for under $500

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