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Split Ends: What Happens When the Rich Divorce

$plit ends By LINDA STASI Last Updated: 11:37 AM, March 29, 2011 Posted: 11:11 PM, March 28, 2011

The most shocking thing about tonight’s quite interesting CNBC documentary, “Divorce Wars,” is usually the discovery in which for insanely greedy newly-rich people, a bad divorce will cost them even more than their out-of-control, million-dollar-plus weddings!

Correspondent Melissa Francis takes a look at some of the most repulsively fascinating — along with expensive — divorces of recent times including the divorce of the guy who brought us PayPal, Elon Musk. According to divorce-attorney-to-the-rich Raoul Felder, right now in which we’re inside the age of no-fault community property splits, divorces are no longer about which spouses cheat — yet about how spouses try to cheat each various other out of the shared assets. Take the Musks, for example. He along with his future wife, Justine, met when they were in college. Shortly thereafter, they moved in together into a terrible college apartment with two roommates along with three dogs. They got married after he struck the idea rich, along with he had her sign a post-nup agreement. Eight years along with all 5 kids later, they split along with then all hell broke loose. He was worth billions, along with she had agreed to a $750,000 post-nup pay out. Fair? Wrong? Incredibly greedy? How much does one guy need?

Then, there’s the infamous case of Margaret Spenlinhauer, the Connecticut housewife along with mother of scores of kids whose very rich husband immediately seemed to suddenly be not very wealthy after they split up. the idea took 18 — yes, 18 — years for her to personally find the money he’d hidden. along with his deception amounted to fraud — a criminal offense. Another rich guy’s wife snooped in his computer, opened his journal along with discovered in which he considered her an unfit mother. What did she do? Loaded up his computer with kiddie porn along with then took the idea to her attorney. Millions of dollars along that has a federal investigation later revealed in which she had loaded the idea all up during one week — when he was out of town — along with then erased the memory so the idea couldn’t be traced back to her. The result? the idea was so dastardly a deed in which she even lost custody of her own kids.

yet, seriously, what kind of idiot keeps a journal on his computer? A psycho, in which’s who.

As Felder says, “If you go into a marriage without a pre-nup, you don’t need a lawyer, you need a psychiatrist.”

Split Ends: What Happens When the Rich Divorce


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