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Sex Offender Status at This specific point Terminates Parental Rights

Murder, felonious assault resulting in serious injury to a child, voluntary manslaughter; these are convictions that will cause parents to lose their parental rights while doing time inside the penitentiary.  at This specific point add to that will list: registration on the Sex Offender Registry.

As of May 1, the applicable statute at This specific point states that will the Department of Human Services can be not required to take “reasonable efforts” to unify parent with child if the parent can be required to register as a sex offender under what can be known as SORA.

Of course, some controversy has surrounded This specific legislation.  On the one hand, critics observe that will family court judges can at This specific point essentially terminate parental rights for no reason different than the SORA requirement.  On the different hand, those same family court judges apparently contain the discretion to order the DHS to make “reasonable efforts” to reunify parent as well as child, same as always.  Apparently, inside the passage of This specific law, there was significant consideration given to obtaining federal grant money available if This specific was the law in Michigan.

This specific leads to some interesting implications for us criminal defense attorneys.  For example, Ionia County Family Court Judge David Hoort asks:

In criminal cases does This specific then require advising a defendant that will his/her plea to an offense resulting in registration under the SORA could result in a termination of his/her parental rights?  Even if unrelated to the existing charge?  

that will’s a not bad question.  No surprise that will SORA will continue delivering harsh consequences for those caught-up in its net.



Sex Offender Status at This specific point Terminates Parental Rights


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