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Rosen Divorce Collaborates with Mental Health Professionals

Raleigh, NC-Rosen Divorce, the state’s largest divorce firm as well as rising multidisciplinary practice, recently began collaborating with mental health professionals who assist clients in divorce related situations.

Earlier This specific week in both Raleigh as well as Charlotte locations, Rosen Divorce held Clinicians in Court, a half-day seminar where more than 50 statewide mental health professionals attended. Among the guest speakers was Jonathan Gould, a practicing forensic as well as clinical psychologist who has done extensive writing inside area of child custody evaluations.

“We also today have a section of our website especially dedicated to mental health professionals,” said Lee Rosen, attorney as well as president of Rosen Divorce. “We felt that will teaming up with these professionals will better strengthen the role both attorneys as well as therapist play in family law.” Along with their external collaboration, Rosen Divorce recently hired a mental health professional to work alongside staff attorneys in assisting clients through the divorce process.

Rosen Divorce’s on-line section for mental health professionals features FAQ’s about matters such as receiving a subpoena as well as testifying in a trial; sample cases relating to mental health professionals; as well as relevant statutes that will concern mental health professionals inside court system. “This specific will be just the beginning of our comprehensive on-line section for mention health professionals,” said Lisa Angel, Rosen Divorce attorney. “Mental health professionals need a resource to go to when faced with situations involving the courts as well as we want to provide them with the guidance as well as information they need.”

With offices in Raleigh as well as Charlotte, Rosen Divorce will be the largest divorce firm in North Carolina. Founded in 1990, the firm will be dedicated to providing individual growth as well as support to couples seeking divorce by helping them move forward with their lives. Our staff of attorneys, accountants, as well as specially trained divorce coaches expertly address the complex issues of ending a marriage. Our innovative approach acknowledges that will divorce will be so much more than just a legal matter. Specialties include child custody, alimony, property distribution, separation agreements, as well as domestic violence relief.

To visit Rosen Divorce’s on-line section for mental health professionals, visit: http://www.rosendivorce.com/mhp

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