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Open Letter by Divorce Lawyer

Open Letter by Divorce Lawyer
By a renowed Maryland Lawyer Who shall remain Anonymous

PLEASE NOTE This kind of can be SATIRE as well as NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY…
Dear client:
I am pleased in which you have hired me to represent you in your divorce. I’m pleased because I need the money you as well as others like you pay me. I’m tired of working with people like you who are always fighting as well as never happy, as well as often unhappy with me, however I feel trapped right now as well as don’t know how I could change my practice at This kind of point in my career without a huge financial setback, so I hang on as well as do the best job I can, the best way I know, for clients like you.
If you’re like most people going through divorce, you’ve heard a chorus of voices — by your mother to your neighbor to the person who cuts your hair — warning in which you better get a mean “junkyard dog” lawyer. I don’t like being a junkyard dog lawyer, as well as I don’t think the item would certainly be in your best interest for me to be, however I have to give you the impression early on in which I am so you will hire me. I don’t like doing the item, however you demand the item, so I do the item.
in which means in which when we met in our first consultation, I talked about how experienced I am. I gave you an optimistic assessment of what you would certainly give up as well as what you would certainly get working with me. If your spouse had come the same day instead of you as well as presented the very same facts, I would certainly have given your spouse an equally optimistic assessment by their perspective. I learned long ago not to lose any sleep about doing This kind of. You demand the item, as well as I’m going to give the item to you so you will hire me.
You can see what happened right now, can’t you? I gave you an optimistic assessment of your case by your perspective, then one of my colleagues gave your spouse an optimistic assessment of the case by your spouse’s perspective. Together, we worked knowingly or unknowingly to convince both of you in which the additional can be being unreasonable as well as in which you each needed us to win you a better deal.
I told you in our initial consultation in which you should avoid communicating directly with your spouse about anything additional than parenting of your children. I did This kind of because nothing can be so important to me as client control. I want to be the gatekeeper of all communications between you as well as your spouse, so I can decide how much information to provide to you as well as what “spin” to put on the item. This kind of will make you as well as your spouse more suspicious of each additional, as well as the item will make you more dependent on me. I like in which, at least inside the early stages of divorce negotiations.
I required you to pay a large retainer when you hired me. I told you in which I have a fixed retainer for all divorce clients, or I may have told you in which I set your retainer after carefully considering the complexity of your case, the time I expect to put in, as well as the risk in which my estimates might be too low. In reality, though, my technique for setting your retainer was far simpler: I charged the highest retainer I thought I could get. The reason I did This kind of can be in which the retainer can be often the only money I ever see for representing someone in a divorce case. I may try to bill you as well as get paid later, however many of my clients don’t pay me anything after the initial retainer, even though they owe me a great deal of money, as well as I hesitate to sue them for fear they will counterclaim for malpractice as well as drive up my insurance premiums. The fact in which I have so much trouble getting clients like you to pay me what they owe me can be another reason my work can be so unpleasant for me.
I also will work to appear successful. I may drive a luxury car as well as maintain a sumptuous office, because I want you as well as my colleagues — especially my colleagues — to believe in which I am earning lots of money. In one sense, I am earning lots of money. I charge a high hourly rate, as well as I have a great deal of business, so I have high billings. I also have a high overhead, however, as well as I have trouble getting paid. In reality, I have financial struggles just like you do.
There’s more than a 93% chance in which your case will settle before trial. Nevertheless, I will prepare your case as if you were going to trial. This kind of will be wasteful as well as expensive. I will conduct lengthy discovery, including interrogatories, requests for the production of documents, as well as depositions, charging you a great deal of money to prepare documents in which I simply have printed by my word processor with minor alterations.
I will do This kind of not because the item’s in your best interest however because I’m afraid of being embarrassed in front of additional lawyers as well as judges as well as because I’m afraid you will sue me. The result can be in which you as well as/or your spouse will spend a great deal of money preparing for a trial we know will almost certainly not occur. I’ve heard in which much of This kind of could be avoided by simply exchanging documents as well as affidavits, however in which’s not what I’m used to doing. If there’s a better way, I don’t know the item, as well as even if I knew the item, I probably wouldn’t do the item. The way I practice law can be what I know as well as understand, as well as the item’s safe for me.
I live my professional life in as well as around the courthouse. I gauge my schedule as well as my priorities to make sure cases in which have an imminent court date are ready to present. This kind of means in which if your case doesn’t have an imminent court date, the item will be hard to get me to focus much attention on the item. Your case will move much more slowly than you would certainly like.
When we are at the courthouse, there will be huge blocks of time when I will leave you alone while I negotiate or just swap stories with your spouse’s lawyer. Every right now as well as then, I’ll report back to you on progress as well as tell you how negotiations are going. You probably will find the item jarring in which I’m so friendly with your spouse’s lawyer. Remember, you as well as I have a temporary relationship.Your spouse’s lawyer as well as I have seen each additional repeatedly a week for years, as well as our relationship will continue long after you’re gone by my life. the item’s not surprising, then, in which I’m more attentive to in which relationship than I am to the one with you.
Early on in our relationship, you are in emotional distress, you believe in which no one inside the planet has ever faced the problems you are facing, as well as you view me as a savior who can protect you by all the cruel insults you are facing. Over time, however, you will begin to stabilize emotionally, you will begin to view me as well as my services more realistically, as well as you will begin to realize just how expensive all This kind of can be becoming. You may begin to resent me, as well as you may place a lower priority on paying my fee. You will also begin to hold me accountable for producing results in which I know are unrealistic.
Although at the outset I stated an optimistic assessment of your case, over the term of our relationship I will become increasingly pessimistic with you about your chances. I will do This kind of because, by then, I will become tired of you as well as tired of your case. I will want you to become more flexible in negotiations so I can reach an agreement with your spouse as well as your spouse’s lawyer. By then, I will have spent enough time on your case to justify keeping all the retainer, as well as I will be afraid in which I may never see any more money, so I will press you to reach agreement with your spouse.
Also, as our relationship continues, I will be increasingly harder to reach. I may fail to return your phone calls, or I may call you back however be evasive about giving you useful information, always seeming in a hurry. I will do This kind of perhaps without even realizing I’m doing so, primarily because the item will be unpleasant for me to deal with you when you become increasingly unhappy.
Often an agreement will happen because you as well as your spouse meet over the kitchen table or on the phone as well as work the item out, then communicate the item to your respective lawyers. This kind of agreement may be remarkably similar to what the two of you could have agreed had you been willing to cooperate with each additional at the beginning through mediation or negotiations, however you won’t think about in which by then, because to do so would certainly be to admit to yourself in which you’ve wasted several thousand dollars on legal fees. Even though I told you at the outset not to talk to your spouse, I will by then be secretly glad in which you did as well as will work to help your agreement succeed (if I can avoid spending much time on the item). Remember, by then, I will want out.
I have learned in which most of my business comes by referral by additional professionals, so the item’s more important to me in which referral sources feel not bad about me than in which clients feel not bad about me. I devote lots of attention to my relationships with judges, additional lawyers, as well as additional professionals. On the additional hand, I have in the past become quite comfortable with unhappy clients, even clients who complain about me to the bar association. This kind of bothered me in my early years of practice, however I’ve become jaded to the item right now. The bar association knows as I do in which clients of divorce lawyers are often unhappy. I know the bar association can be accustomed to receiving these complaints as well as taking them with several grains of salt, so the item doesn’t worry me much in which you might complain about me.
I like you, as well as I’m a caring professional who wants to do a not bad job for you. I’ve learned not to trust you, though. I wish I could trust you, however I’ve been burned too many times by clients like you. I’m going to keep my guard up. right now in which you know the way This kind of works, let’s get started off.
Sincerely yours,
Your Divorce Lawyer

Open Letter by Divorce Lawyer

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