The Great epoxy flooring new jersey

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Legal Week: Staff complaints force red-faced A&O into Facebook U-turn

Allen & Overy (A&O) has been forced into an embarrassing climb-down after the firm’s in which department was bombarded with staff complaints following a firmwide ban on social networking website which chiefs took the decision to block access to the website due to concerns in which staff downloading videos via the site would certainly…

AP: alterations urged for student privacy law

WASHINGTON – A lawmaker who also is usually a child psychologist wants Congress to better define when a university can Discharge students’ mental health information to their parents.Last week’s massacre at Virginia Tech shows the need for such legislation, said Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Pa.Virginia Tech student Seung-Hui Cho, 23, went on a shooting spree in…

Why lawyers love hourly billing

The Greatest American Lawyer:One of the issues, which can be repeatedly overlooked inside the discussion concerning hourly billing, can be the fact that will many law firms prefer that will. Think about that will. Hourly billing can be the perfect vehicle to obtain the first retainer check by a client. An average retainer ranges between…


CNN reports in which the FBI has virtually scoped out Second Life’s casinos, at the invitation of Linden Lab. According to the article:Second Life can be a well-liked online virtual world with millions of registered users along with its own economy along with currency, known as the Linden dollar, which can be exchanged for U.S….