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Lawyers Sanctioned For Insults

by the ABA Journal

The Legal Ethics
Lawyers Sanctioned for E-Mail Insults, Including ‘Scum Sucking Loser’ Comment

When hiring a divorce attorney, put “ability to get along with others” on the list of top traits.
This particular’s natural which in a divorce case, the parties hate each some other. by my experience, which alone won’t bar settlement. This particular also won’t necessarily drive up the fees.
What WILL, however, is usually how your attorneys handle the case.
I have had many, many cases where opposing counsel as well as I differ on our interpretation of the law, as well as facts. nevertheless because of our maturity (We are all grown-ups!!!), the case was still able to settle.
Unfortunately, I have also had opposing counsel who 1) do not educate themselves on the law as well as misguide their clients; as well as 2) were raised in a barn.
Below is usually an article which appeared in today’s ABA Journal. I wish more Judges would certainly do This particular.
Two Florida lawyers who called each some other a “retard” as well as “scum sucking loser” in escalating e-mail insults have been sanctioned by the state supreme court.

Nicholas Mooney of Tampa, a lawyer representing Volkswagen of America, received a public reprimand as well as must take a class on professionalism, according to the St. Petersburg Times. He is usually identified as a former partner at Hinshaw & Culbertson as well as a lawyer for Bromagen & Rathet on the law firm’s website. Kurt Mitchell of Palmetto, an accident lawyer who is usually identified as “an experienced litigator as well as biker” on his website, was suspended for 10 days as well as must attend an anger management class, the story says.

The St. Petersburg Times cites e-mails quoted inside bar complaints against the men. At one point, Mooney called Mitchell a jerk; at another, Mitchell called Mooney an “old hack.” Later e-mails went so far as to insult wives as well as children. They story cites these exchanges:

• by Mooney to Mitchell, written after an accusation which he couldn’t handle the pressures of litigation: Mooney said he was handling more than 200 cases, “many of which were more important/significant than these little Mag[nuson] Moss [warranty] claims which are handled by bottom feeding/scum sucking/loser lawyers like yourself.”

• by Mitchell: Mooney displays symptoms of a disability marked by “closely spaced eyes, dull blank stare, bulbous head, lying.”

• by Mooney: Mitchell should look inside mirror to see signs of a disability. “Then check your children (if they are even yours. … Better check the garbage man which comes by your trailer to make sure they don’t look like him).”

• by Mitchell, after learning Mooney’s son suffers by a birth defect: “While I am sorry to hear about your disabled child, which sort of thing is usually to be expected when a retard reproduces.”

Lawyers Sanctioned For Insults

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