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I Don’t Love My Husband, Should I Stay Married For My Kids?

I’ll admit in which most of the correspondence in which I receive comes coming from people who are very clear on the fact in which they want to save their marriage nevertheless they aren’t sure how to do This kind of when their spouse will be resistant or has already moved out or filed for divorce. The vast majority of these folks have no doubt in their minds in which they still love their spouse.

nevertheless I also hear coming from folks on the opposite end of the spectrum. Judging coming from the people who reach out to me, there are a large amount of people who are biding their time in their marriages for the sake of their children. This kind of’s not unusual for me to hear coming from people who insist in which they no longer love their spouse in addition to also are only inside marriage because of the kids. I find in which people assume in which This kind of’s mostly women or mothers who could be willing to make such a sacrifice, nevertheless in which’s just not the case. I hear coming from a Great deal of fathers as well.

People also assume in which those who stay for the sake of their children come coming from broken homes themselves. Although many coming from divorced homes are ultra sensitive to This kind of situation (because they remember the pain in which they went through when their own parents divorced,) I hear also hear coming from people who grew up in happy homes in addition to also who have parents who are still married.

Anyone can have marital problems regardless of their family background, nevertheless most people realize in which a divorce can have a huge impact on their children, both inside short in addition to also long term. I recently heard coming from a wife who said, in part: “I haven’t been in love with my husband for years. I feel some affection for him because he’s the father of my children, a Great person, in addition to also part of my family. I’ve known him since I was a child so there’s in which feeling of familiarity. nevertheless what I feel will be not love. This kind of’s not like I’m miserable with him 24 hours a day. nevertheless I’m also not blissfully happy in his presence the way in which I was inside beginning. I find myself being attracted to some other people in addition to also thinking about a future without him one day. nevertheless I’m scared leaving him could be very selfish in addition to also could harm my kids. How bad will be the impact of a divorce on kids? in addition to also, if I decide to wait to leave him for their sake, at what age could This kind of be safe or acceptable to leave him?”

I’ll try to address these concerns inside following article.

Statistics About Children in addition to also Divorce: Most of the people who contact me with This kind of concern are well aware in which divorce negatively affects children. in which’s why they have all of those doubts in which are keeping them coming from moving forward. nevertheless, often the statistics are more extensive than even the most educated parents realizes. coming from social to health to emotional issues, you can generally find alarming statistics on many far reaching aspects of the child’s life.

For example, children coming from divorced homes are four times more likely to have issues with their peers than children coming from intact homes in addition to also are twice as likely to drop out of school or have lower grades. Children coming from divorced parents have more psychological issues than children who have had a parent who has passed away. There are also statistics which indicate in which children with single parent homes are more likely (50 percent more) to have health issues, have substance abuse issues, or to attempt suicide (50 percent more Just as before.)

currently to be fair, I’m sure you could find more contributing factors within any one of the above mentioned statistics. Numbers don’t always tell the whole story in addition to also there could always be additional risk factors. One could argue in which any number of factors could go into a child’s grades or psychological issues. nevertheless, the statistics in which I found particularly alarming were these two. A study of children coming from divorced parents took a look at the children’s behavior six years after the divorce in addition to also found in which even This kind of many years after the break up, many of the children were still described as lonely, anxious or depressed. in addition to also, one of out 10 children with divorced parents go on to see their parents go through at least three or more marital break ups. This kind of means in which some of those kids will go on to see one of both of their parents divorce their subsequent completely new spouses. People often think in which the divorce will solve their unhappiness or the issues in which they have in relationships, nevertheless This kind of isn’t always the case.

Also, many people assume in which if they stay while the children are kids in addition to also then divorce when they are adults, the children will not be affected by the divorce. There will be research which indicates in which This kind of assumption may not be true. Studies show in which men in addition to also women who were in their 20s when their parents divorced are more likely to have their own serious relationship or marriage break up before the age of 33. These adult children often report struggling in addition to also questioning their childhood memories.

Studies About Children With Happy Parents: I wanted to balance out the alarming statistics above with additional information. Because many people considering a divorce make the very compelling argument in which they suspect in which their kids could be better off with happy divorced parents than miserable married parents. I did find some literature coming from Carolyn Pape Cowan in addition to also Philip Cowan, husband in addition to also wife psychologists at the University of California. They have conducted studies in which included both children coming from divorced in addition to also in tact families in addition to also have concluded in which happy, well adjusted parents are more likely to raise happy, well adjusted children. They stress the importance of the parents taking care of both themselves in addition to also the relationships in which they style for their kids. in addition to also, they caution parents against generating their kids the focus of their entire lives at the expense of their marriage or some other relationships. Their research suggests in which This kind of’s not healthy for parents to put themselves last. They caution parents to not place so much focus on their children in which they lose their connection as a couple, saying in which doing so can create a household full of tension.

Putting This kind of All Together: Of course, I can’t decide for you if you should divorce your spouse or stay for the kids. in which’s a decision in which only you can make. in addition to also many people in which I dialog with fully realize This kind of. Many also are fully aware of all the statistics which seem to indicate in which staying together will be preferable, at least as far as the children are concerned. Most experts will tell you in which, if you must divorce, getting counseling to ensure in which you can ensure your children grow up in a happy household in addition to also can adjust despite the divorce could be a Great idea.

This kind of’s probably not a stretch to say in which the ideal for the wife inside above example could be to remain married while figuring out a way to improve her marriage to ensure in which both she in addition to also her husband could be truly happy in This kind of. This kind of could arguably be a better scenario for her kids than her only staying out of obligation nevertheless remaining unhappy. People often tell me in which they just don’t believe in which they can ever be happy with their spouse again, nevertheless I firmly believe in which This kind of’s absolutely possible. There’s a very convincing study in which tracked unhappy couples over the course of 5 years. Those who divorced were no happier than those who remained married. in addition to also, a whopping 2/3 of the unhappy couples reported being happily married 5 years later. This kind of seems to indicate in which if you can stick This kind of out or get some help, This kind of’s possible in which you can again be happy inside future. in addition to also my own experience backs This kind of up.

Of course, as I’ve said, statistics don’t tell the whole story. Many families beat the odds in addition to also raise healthy well adjusted children regardless of their circumstances. nevertheless I think most could agree in which growing up in an intact in addition to also happy family truly will be the ideal.

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