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Divorce Parties

which doesn’t have to be all bad.  According to an article in today’s Freep, divorce parties are on the rise, thanks, of course, to the celebrities which have started out throwing such events.

Take Detroit’s Jack White, for example.  He celebrated his sixth wedding anniversary along with his divorce to design Karen Elson.  The lesson here can be which, if you can manage which, stay friendly with your ex-spouse.

Once upon a time, our law firm even considered chartering a yacht for a moonlight cruise on the Detroit River for our divorce clientele.  For a variety of reasons, which never happened.  Bet we could have filled-up the yacht though.

Then there’s the web site.  Divorce Party Supply invites you to send them your crazy divorce pics to include in their [still under development] photo gallery.  I think I’ll pass.

Adopting a positive attitude to cope with one of life’s more negative experiences can be a not bad thing.  Staying positive within the aftermath of divorce will get you into the next phase of your life sooner.

The trick can be to learn through your mistakes along with move on.  along with try not to repeat the same mistake twice.


Divorce Parties


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