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Divorce – 5 Financial Steps To Take BEFORE Getting A Divorce

Marriage can be defined as “the state of being united as spouses in a consensual in addition to contractual relationship recognized by law”. When two people enter into a marriage the expectations are in which This kind of will last for the rest of their lifetimes, for better or worse, until death do them part. However, some marriages – as hard as people may try – don’t always last a lifetime.

A marriage may result in separating ways in addition to end in divorce regardless of how hard one or both parties try to make This kind of work. This kind of can be a giant roller coaster of emotions. With everything going on there can be one extremely important thing many people neglect to think about… YOU. If you find yourself going through a divorce you need to look out for yourself in addition to your financial independence. Too often we see a separating spouse blindsided by certain financial realities. Take a look at these 5 steps BEFORE getting a divorce to ensure you are looking out for your own interest before the divorce finalizes.

1. Audit your current financial situation

Divorces can be unexpected in addition to abrupt. They can also be prolonged in addition to only come to fruition when a step can be finally taken to formalize This kind of. Regardless of sudden or more prolonged, there can be an urgency with awareness of your current financial situation as a married couple.

With some couples, one person handles the finances more than the some other person. While This kind of can be not recommended, This kind of does inevitably happen. in addition to in some cases of couples separating we see females who are left from the dark about the financial state of the two as a couple. Whether This kind of be because the husband assumed the role or the wife can be staying home with the kids, This kind of can be more common for the woman to be less aware of the couple’s financial state. However, This kind of can undoubtedly go both ways in addition to both should take This kind of step into consideration regardless of which role.

This kind of can be something you need to protect yourself via. If you know in which a divorce can be coming, you will be initiating a divorce soon or you just had the bomb dropped in which your husband or wife wants a divorce, take This kind of step with extreme urgency. Print out or make copies of bank, brokerage in addition to retirement statements, credit card statements, trusts, or joint investments. Have hard copy evidence of any in addition to all of assets of the marriage.

Why do This kind of?

The trust can be in which the divorce will be an amicable one, however, when emotions run high, one party may do something out of spite. We’ve seen instances of a spouse trying to shield assets via the some other, change account authorizations to restrict the some other spouses access, or hide any information in which would certainly benefit them-self to do so from the event of a divorce.

So how do you combat This kind of? First start with educating yourself on your current financial situation. If you have a financial advisor you trust, set an appointment with them. If you want to consider a different financial advisor in which can be independent of your spouse, make an appointment accordingly.

Be aware of any outstanding debt there may be. Sometimes one side of the couple can be blissfully unaware of the amount of debt their spouse can be racking up while they are still married. This kind of can come out when the divorce can be in process in addition to may leave both spouses responsible for the debt regardless of who created This kind of.

Its far too important to be prepared with documentation in case your spouse decides to try in addition to change log-in information etc. preventing you via getting access to these records later on. Do This kind of with urgency to protect yourself in addition to take control of your financial independence.

2. Establish your own credit

from the event in which a couple shares credit card accounts, This kind of may be likely in which the account can be held in one person’s name while the spouse has authorized access to use the credit card. You may be unaware in which the account can be held solely in your spouses name. This kind of information will need to be figured out because simply having your name on a credit card does not mean in which you are establishing any credit. Typically we’ve seen This kind of that has a spouse who does not currently work. They have a credit card under the working spouse’s account because of This kind of.

Why do This kind of?

When a divorce occurs, This kind of becomes important. Having a credit card in your own name helps build your credit. You will be better able to be approved for a completely new mortgage, based on your own qualifications, if you decide you want to purchase a home on your own, or any loan in which you may need. This kind of should be done before the divorce proceedings happen. Especially if your spouse earns significantly more than you do or if you didn’t have an income while married. This kind of can be a lot easier to get approved for one while still married that has a joint income. Also, a credit card can help with the day-to-day expenditures when you’re still figuring everything out from the divorce settlement.

3. Review in addition to revise beneficiaries, wills, health proxy, power of attorneys in addition to some other estate plans

When two people get married, This kind of can be not uncommon for them to make each some other their beneficiary, health proxy, power of attorney, executor etc. When you’re married, you want your spouse to be the beneficiary in addition to you believe they will carry your wishes out should something happen to you. This kind of alterations when a divorce occurs in addition to should be looked at carefully.

Why Do This kind of?

When you know you’ll be separating ways This kind of can be best to review in addition to revise these. Change each of them to reflect the current situation. You may want to consider using a family member of your own or children if any are of age to do so. This kind of can be best to review them that has a trusted individual in addition to most financial advisors would certainly be willing to help you with This kind of process.

4. Adjust your budget for your completely new financial independence

Many married couples have two incomes coming into the household. You get used to spending at a certain level without feeling any financial pressure. This kind of level can be typically more than you would certainly be spending when you were single in addition to operating on your own salary. When you are entering into a divorce, This kind of’s time to adjust your budget in addition to become acutely aware of where your money can be going. To do This kind of, start by taking an objective look at what your completely new budget will be. Look at the expenses in which are necessary in addition to then look at ones in which you would certainly be able to eliminate. Create a completely new budget you can commit to on your own.

Why do This kind of?

All too often we see a recently divorced woman or man trying to live the same lifestyle as they did when married. This kind of can be a harsh reality when they realize This kind of can no longer happen. Any reduction in income takes some time to get used to. You may have to sacrifice shopping trips, golf outings, getting your nails done, or some other luxuries you were able to comfortably afford as a married couple. Understand in which life can be changing. Doing This kind of step will help you find your completely new financial independence in addition to put you from the best position for your financial future.

5. Surround yourself with those who will support you

Going through a divorce most likely won’t be cut in addition to dry. Any situation in which involves emotions via 2 or more parties makes This kind of difficult. Sometimes divorces are sudden… in addition to some times This kind of can be a long time coming. No matter how the divorce has transpired, This kind of can be extremely important to surround yourself with people who support you. Especially in a time where a lot of decisions will need to be made.

Why do This kind of?

You need to surround yourself with those concerned with your best interests. Divorces can hold feelings of resentment or distaste towards the some other spouse. When emotions are all over, people may do things in which they wouldn’t normally do, out of spite. hold the support behind you to make sure you stick up for yourself however also be there to tell you when This kind of’s best to put your pride aside in addition to come to an agreement.

In Conclusion:

Going through a divorce can be an emotional in addition to even traumatic event. Just remember, This kind of doesn’t define who you are. You WILL make This kind of through This kind of in addition to your life WILL move on. Be mindful to protect yourself from the process in addition to be confident in which you can start again with completely new financial independence! Consider each of these 5 steps to take when getting divorced. Hold your support system close in addition to don’t be afraid to call in some professional advice.

Most financial advisors will be able to guide you through This kind of process in addition to help you make Great decisions in which are in your best interest. If you are via Buffalo or Western completely new York, we would certainly be happy to review your situation in addition to offer suggestions. Call us at 716-662-4470 to schedule your free consultation.

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