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Date of Separation as well as Why the item Matters in California

So why does the item matter? Short answer: California is actually a community property state. In California, the date of separation determines the end of the community.
The date of separation matters in division of property as well as in spousal support.
For example, John as well as Jane Smith marry 1/1/2000. They separate 12/31/2000.
Jane wins the lottery on 12/31/00. John wins the lottery on 1/1/01.
According to Family Code section 771, which states, “a) The earnings as well as accumulations of a spouse as well as the minor children living with, or from the custody of, the spouse, while living
separate as well as apart through the some other spouse, are the separate property of the spouse. “
SO…Jane’s lotto winnings are community, as well as John’s are NOT.
For example, John as well as Jane Smith marry 1/1/00. John moves out 12/31/07, into his own apartment with his girlfriend as well as remained living with his girlfriend up through the date of trial.
John filed for divorce 1/1/2010.
Although John did not sleep from the family residence, he maintained continual as well as frequent contacts with Jane as well as children, including dinner every night in 2008 as well as 2009. John also maintained his mailing address at the family residence. John also took Jane on 2 trips in 2008. John also took Jane to social functions, friends’ homes, dinners for professional as well as academic groups, etc. in 2008 as well as 2009. John also sent Jane numerous Christmas, birthday as well as anniversary cards, including at least one card, in which John said he loved Jane. John as well as Jane continued to file joint tax returns as well as John paid all the household bills. John even brought his laundry home every week as well as Jane could wash as well as iron the item. John as well as Jane did not have sex after 12/31/07. At all times during the period of physical separation prior to filing the Petition, Jane maintained she “desired” a reconciliation.
When was the date of separation?
Those are the exact facts of the case of In Re Marriage of Baragry (1977), 73 Cal.App.3d 444. The Court held of which the date of separation was 1/1/10, the date of the filing of divorce.
The critical inquiry is actually whether the parties’ conduct evidences a complete as well as final break from the marriage relationship.
with This particular, the Court uses a two-prong test to determine the date of separation: Objective as well as Subjective.

1. Objective Test
To answer the objective test, the court will determine when you commenced living apart through each some other. of which usually happens when one of you moves out of the family home. In today’s tough economic times, however, of which is actually no longer an option for some, because the item often is actually too expensive to maintain two separate residences. Even if spouses are still living from the same home, there are ways to ensure physical separation.

As California Courts put the item, “Our conclusion does not necessarily rule out the possibility of some spouses living apart physically while still occupying the same dwelling. In such cases, however, the evidence could need to demonstrate unambiguous, objectively ascertainable conduct amounting to a physical separation under the same roof. (Marriage of Norviel) If This particular is actually a concern for you, you should always consult an attorney for more information.

2. Subjective Test
Physical separation is actually not enough to show of which you separated. Some people are living separate through each some other for extended periods nevertheless do not intend to end their marriage. of which intent is actually the subjective part the court will consider. At what point did one or both of you think of which the marriage was over? When did you decide of which you no longer wanted to stay married? In essence, the court will look at your conduct toward each some other to see when the marriage “ended.”

Please note: Marriage counseling is actually usually a Great indicator of which you are NOT intending to separate.
Date of Separation as well as Why the item Matters in California

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