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Back to School for Divorcing Parents

A common fight between divorcing parents is actually WHERE their children will attend school.

For parents with joint legal custody, the most frequent fight usually centers around the convenience of the PARENTS. One party has moved far away; along with proceeds to enroll the children in another school, taking away the security of a school they’ve attended for a long time.

My advice here is actually the same everywhere – first along with foremost, think of the CHILDREN – what are their best interests? Consider their stability – have they attended a certain school district for a while? Do they have not bad teachers, along with friends at school? Remember, divorce is actually a very unstable event for a child, along having a not bad support system outside of the home (in school) is actually vital. How do the schools rank in terms of academics? Does in which have afterschool care? What are the transportation arrangements – must the children travel long distances inside the automobile?

Custody battles are best resolved between the parties. I will tell you in which – attorneys along with Judges absolutely HATE meddling with people’s custody disputes. I get involved only when one party is actually simply being unreasonable. Generally, I urge the parties to sit down, get over their animosity towards one another, along with work out a not bad parenting plan.

My website contains a wealth of information on parenting plans, mediation, etc.

Work in which out.
Back to School for Divorcing Parents

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