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Assembling Your Divorce Dream Team


You may have heard a divorce dream team consists of unforgiving child custody evaluators, genius forensic accountants, as well as also pitbull lawyers. If you are gearing up to spend over $100,000 in litigation, you may be right.

For the 95% of us who don’t have (as well as also/or refuse to spend) This kind of type of money, if you are contemplating or going through a divorce, here are the people you SHOULD be working with:

1. Therapist: To help you deal with improvements, stress, as well as also anger.
2. Lawyer: To give you a best/worst case analysis, to represent you if you have to go to court, to educate you on family law.
3.  Mediator: To find a solution without fighting.
4.  Parenting Plan Coordinator: This kind of is actually mediator who specializes in custody issues – if you have children.

Therapists save you money in a divorce.  Expensive divorces are not caused by RICH people with lots of assets.  Rather, they are caused by ANGRY people who want to fight.  Angry people are blinded by their fury, as well as also intent on destroying their spouses.  Angry people will willingly spend thousands of dollars to prove worthless things, as well as also then accuse their lawyers, therapists, mediators of wrong-doing.  Angry people will unnecessarily prolong their divorce.
Look, you are going to be angry at some time inside divorce.  You should be angry! I am all for letting out all of which steam – you don’t want any of of which toxic stuff bottling up inside.  nevertheless don’t be angry at the people who are trying to help you. Therapists are best equipped to deal with angry people. They went to school because of This kind of, as well as also are trained to handle anger.  I’m a lawyer, as well as also I certainly can’t handle angry people. They drive me batty.  I don’t know about you, nevertheless my helping heart grows cold when people spew angry fires at me.  (self-defense).  I can’t whole-heartedly do my job for angry people.

Lawyers also save you money.  Expensive divorces are caused by people who are ignorant of the law.  Your lawyer can as well as also should educate you.  For example, you should learn via your lawyer of which California is actually a community property state. Thus, all property as well as also debts acquired during the marriage as well as also before the date of separation is actually community.  Even if you are completely angry with your spouse for cheating on you, don’t let anger affect your rational thinking when dividing the assets – i.e., she still gets half of the community portion of your 401k; she still gets half the equity of the home you bought during the marriage.  Your lawyer should also advise you of which spousal support is actually an obligation.  Thus, even if your cheating lying no-Great husband left you for of which hypocrite skank at church who teaches Sunday School, just suck the idea up as well as also pay the alimony for half the length of the marriage.

Mediators also save you money.  Once you know you have to divide your stuff, as well as also have to pay alimony, the MEDIATOR should help you decide the amount, as well as also for how long.   Financial issues should always be resolved sooner or later.  Obviously, if your spouse runs his own business, or has massive undisclosed accounts, you may need to spend some money to ascertain these accounts.  nevertheless after the numbers are out, rather than fight over which number to use – the idea is actually 100%, without exception, cheaper to settle sooner than later. You do NOT want to be the sucker of which spends over $40,000 to find an account of which had only $30 inside idea.

Parenting Plan Coordinators also save you money.  Custody is actually perhaps the ONLY issue of which I believe could understandably take a bit longer to resolve. If there are custody issues which don’t involve drug/alcohol or child abuse/neglect, rather than litigating via the outset, the idea is actually highly recommended of which you hire a Parenting Plan coordinator to help you reach a parenting plan of which will work with your family.

Choose your team wisely.  Educate, mediate, as well as also meditate.  You can absolutely control how much money you spend in your divorce.
Assembling Your Divorce Dream Team

Divorce Over Lawyers Got Everything.jpg
Divorce Over Lawyers Got Everything.jpg

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