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Adorn The Bride

inside book of Genesis, we find scripture which directly introduces the subject of marriage in addition to romance.

yet for Adam there was not found a help meet for him. in addition to the LORD caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam in addition to he slept: in addition to he took one of his ribs in addition to closed up the flesh instead thereof. in addition to the rib, which the LORD God had taken by the man, made he a woman, in addition to brought her unto the man. in addition to Adam said This particular is usually today bone of my bones, in addition to flesh of my flesh: she shall be called a woman.

Therefore shall a man leave his father in addition to his mother in addition to he shall cleave to his wife in addition to they shall be one flesh


Within these portions of scripture, we find much help for couples. The answers as to why we must get married in addition to stay married is usually found inside second chapter of Genesis

The Bible says

1. God was concerned about the loneliness of man.

2. Man needed help which could only be found in a woman.

3. The more a man lives with in addition to cleaves to his wife the more help he gets.

4. which through marriage we are meant to keep each different company in addition to make each different happy.

5. Use our bodies in addition to private parts to make each different happy.

This particular is usually the whole cause for marriage. inside book of Genesis, God spells out the reasons for marriages. the item is usually his divine idea in addition to order, the item is usually a stewardship God has given to mankind to keep in addition to keep the item Holy.

One of the spiritual assignments God has given us is usually to be kind to each different, make each different happy, keep each different company in harmony, respect in addition to mutual understanding in addition to be passionate in addition to romantic to each different as husband in addition to wife.

To keep your marriage vows is usually Great stewardship in addition to generating your spouse sexually happy in addition to satisfied using the power of your vagina in addition to your penis or romantic touches is usually Great stewardship, he who fails to do so, sins against the ordinance of marriage in addition to is usually selfish.

The stewardship of marriage is usually diverse, the item can simply mean;

1. Taking care of your wife or husband well.

2. generating each different happy.

3. Keeping each different company.

4. Bearing in addition to raising disciplined in addition to God fearing children.

5. Sharing Great in addition to bad moments together in health in addition to in sickness.

6. Having Great sex in addition to using the power of your penis in addition to vagina to walk together slowly to orgasm.

Many people have asked the question as to why we should get married in addition to forever stay married to each different as husbands in addition to wives till death. Loving in addition to living with one partner is usually one commitment many men in addition to women are not prepared to keep.

Adultery in addition to infidelity has found its way into many homes in addition to couples causing depression, misunderstanding in addition to divorce.. Always have This particular in mind, a clean body in addition to a clean mouth plays a vital role in a romantic marriage.


Many married couples know in addition to have sex in their marriages, yet only a few have learnt the virtue of romance in addition to foreplay in addition to walking together slowly to orgasm. Lack of teaching inside areas of romance has made many couples lose interest in sex especially in their matrimonies. This particular has been the main reasons why many couples have imported filth in their homes hence defiling their marriages.

Find well researched in addition to biblically proven means to make each different sexually happy.

You must be very kind in addition to generous to your spouse with your vagina in addition to penis, make each different happy. The word of God cautions us not to deprive each different pleasures in addition to gratification.

The penis in addition to the vagina are created by God

1. For excretion or removal of wastes like urine or menstrual periods,

2. These organs are for reproduction purposes

3. These organs are for sexual pleasure ( organs of pleasures)

For example if you just imagined what the purpose of the clitoris in a woman is usually for if not for her sexual pleasures in addition to orgasm, “Thank God for the clitoris”.

the item’s a serious personal debate in men as to why should i have only one sexual partner?

The subject of marriage has been left only to individual couples to deal with their marital problems in addition to sexual problems, a lack of counsel in addition to guidance has made marriages vulnerable. People carelessly invite curses, STDs in addition to HIV/AIDS in their matrimonial homes due unquenched sexual desires.

Always hold the item in mind which sex requires serious motivation, inspiration in addition to preparation, Great sex will save your marriage in addition to is usually the sole purpose why your marriage will survive.

A lot of questions arise as to what keeps a marriage together, why should we keep our marriage vows in addition to why is usually marriage a holy institution? Can money in addition to love keep a marriage together or is usually the item Great sex which makes couples stay married?

This particular article discusses the whole subject of marriage in addition to the cause of marriage. I have come to understand which what God said in Genesis 2 is usually the very reason why we must get married in addition to be committed to each different. Marriage came before ministry, before the church in addition to even before money. A father in addition to a son is usually equal to two, a mother in addition to a daughter is usually equal to two,a brother in addition to a sister is usually equal to two in addition to a husband in addition to a wife is usually equal to one which’s how strong the marriage union between a husband in addition to wife is usually.

“Marriage is usually under attack in addition to needs serious attention”

This particular article on how to bring chasm in addition to romance in your marriage. If marriage is usually under attack, then we must know how to fight for our marriages in addition to to do which we must know what marriage is usually up against in addition to what form of enemies our marriages are faced with in addition to the answers are found in God’s word “the information within This particular article will save your marriage”.

Many people are gradually losing confidence inside institution of marriage because of the pain in addition to depression they have suffered at the hands of;

1. Divorce,

2. Adultery,

3. Lack of integrity in many homes

4. Bad in addition to boring marriages.

5. Dysfunctional marriages in addition to families


“Filthy in marriages”

We need to be careful which we don’t import into our marriages all the filth in addition to sexual standards of the earth into our sexual lives in addition to marriages.

Be not conformed to the standards of This particular world. Romans12vs1-3

Marriage is usually honorable in all in addition to the bed of marriage must be kept undefiled. Hebrews 13vs4

We should not pollute the item by importing all kinds of filthy in addition to abominable things by the earth. We are living in a time where people have no respect for sex, nakedness in addition to marriage itself. Sexual fantasies which the earth has created around us can contaminate you. Such things undermine the dignity of marriage.


“A grievous wound”

Divorce is usually abuse to your wife or husband, when you divorce the item means you have failed to love your spouse, failed to honor God in addition to your spouse, failed to honor your marriage vows in addition to the minister who blessed you, failed to protect your marriage in addition to have chosen to disgrace, humiliate in addition to dishonor your spouse.

For the LORD, God of Israel says he hates divorce. For one covers violence with his garment. Says the LORD of host, therefore take heed to your spirit which you do not deal arrogantly in addition to with cruelty to your wife. Malachi2vs13-17.

Broken homes in addition to marriages have made major contribution to the current disorder in addition to societal dysfunctions. Divorce has in addition to will never yield any Great yet only pain, brokenness, vengeance in addition to curses.

Many young people have lost confidence in marriage because of the image in addition to impressions divorce has created around them. Nowadays, people will rather move in together in addition to cohabit than commit themselves to each different in holy matrimony.

In Christian tradition, pre-marital counseling is usually encouraged to prospective couples. This particular allows a proper spiritual foundation of marriage to be laid. Marriage is usually a covenant, since the item is usually a covenant; the item requires spiritual preparation through prayer in addition to premarital counseling.

On the contrary, inside African context the families of both the bride in addition to the groom have a part to play inside preparation of the couples. For example, inside old Zambian tradition when at puberty stage the family of the girl took the item upon themselves to educate the girls on matters of sexual performance in marriage. This particular kind of preparation allowed both male in addition to female to lay a complaint to the families if their sex life was not excellent or Great.

The family had to carry responsibility in addition to shame. Not performing well in bed especially matters of sex in addition to bedroom affairs meant shame to your parents. Such preparation stopped in many Zambian cultures due to sexual immorality which emerged as young girls experimented such indigenous knowledge before marriage leading to unwanted pregnancies in addition to infection.

We must agree which marriage has its enemies which stand out as potential threats to the institution. Such threats like premarital sex, abortion, cohabitation or live in lovers; homosexuality, adultery in addition to divorce are damaging in addition to undermining the integrity in addition to importance of marriage.

Taking your spouse for granted in addition to considering not each others’ feelings in addition to romantic touches of old times when you were young, energetic in addition to full of life may create room for tension in addition to conflict.

When the men there asked about his wife, he said which she was his sister. He would likely not admit which she was his wife, because he was afraid which the men there would likely kill him to get Rebecca because she was so beautiful.8 when Isaac was there for some time, King Abimelech looked down by his window in addition to saw Isaac in addition to Rebecca generating love.


In This particular scripture, we see Isaac having a romantic time with his wife. We need not to hide our feelings for each different as a couple.

Though we need to understand which, the item is usually not every one who may appreciate or like you if you stand out to show affection to your wife or husband. Isaac was having a romantic time with his wife.


by the onset we must agree which marriage is usually spiritual just like ministry, callings, gifting in addition to anointings.if such is usually true about marriage then we must understand marriage is usually liable coming under serious spiritual attack.

A Certain dimensions of spiritual warfare will help us fight attacks which marriage can be subjected to.

Genesis gives us the details of marriage are given, the same spiritual conditions for marriage have been insulted. God said let no man put asunder. The word asunder can simply be translated as to break vows, break communication, loss of submission, loss of inspiration, reverence, honor, loss of motivation. Mathews19vs5-11

inside literal sense the same word can be applied as loss of sexual union.

Marriage will come under attack, we to be taught how to fight in addition to keep our marriages pure in addition to together. Loss of intimacy, romance, mutual submission, in addition to loss of friendship, loss of trust in addition to loss of love is usually the high way to a dysfunctional marriage.


1. Submission to God Ephesians 5

2. Submission to the husband

3. Submission one to another

Wives submit your selves Ephesians 5vs21

Husbands honor your wives 1Peter 3vs1- in addition to 7

These words mean one in addition to the same thing. The root of these verses is usually Ephesians 4vs31

The word used for submission for women inside book of Ephesians 5 is usually a direct meaning of honor which used by the apostle Peter as he instructs men to honor their wives. A man must honor his wife. Example certain man was praying for his wife to conceive, the lord said to him she will never become pregnant until you learn to treat her well with honor. Our breakthrough is usually tied to how we treat our spouses husband love in addition to honor, wives submit your selves. Voluntary submission must come by a woman If a husband honors his wife, he inspires in addition to motivates her which what will bring her submission.

Greek word for submission is usually hupotasso which means submit. Hupo-under in addition to tasso- yield or order (voluntary).

Hebrew word for Honor is usually Kabad, kabed or kabod which is usually deep respect, value, treat well or something you can’t ignore. Latin word is usually obsequim.

We need to know which man; things, ministry, friends work, money in addition to family can be potential threats to our marriages. We can also be the enemies of our own marriages i.e. our attitude towards each different count a lot, couples should not take each different granted.

the item’s my prayer which I don’t become a threat in addition to a potential danger to my marriage.

Faulty marriage foundations in addition to poor theology is usually to blame serious marital problems in addition to attacks e.g.

1. Such theology has taught which romance is usually Satan in addition to worldly meaning Great Christians should not enjoy sex its of the devil.

2. Such theology has emphasized law above love.

3. Such theology has looked down upon women not considering those women are also heirs inside grace of God. Glory To God

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