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7 things that often cause divorce

Marriage isn’t always as happy as everyone’s expectations. Although it is very normal for couples to have problems and fight, there are also problems that become one or several factors causing divorce that should not be ignored.

Problems like this usually occur when you and your partner are still dating first. Married couples are usually difficult to separate for various reasons, such as children, relationships with each other’s family, and how long you stay in the household. For this reason, so that you do not choose wrong, it is better to immediately recognize some of the causes of divorce that can be predicted before you even get married.

1. You Never Feel Comfortable With a Partner

If you have never felt comfortable with a partner, even if it seems your partner often embarrass you, you will not have a harmonious marriage. Marriage should be a place to be fragile, open, and honest without negative judgment from a partner.

2. You Often Criticize Your Partner

According to experts, giving criticism that is attacking the character of a partner is one of the most fatal causes of divorce. Corner the couple and make him the most guilty in conflict is not a good way of communication. If you have experienced this with your partner while still dating, reconsider whether you deserve to get married or not.

3. You Lied About Your Financial Condition to Your Partner

Even the smallest lie about a financial problem with a partner can damage the foundation and trust in the household. Although discussing financial matters is very difficult to do, but you must be transparent about your financial condition with your partner. If there is just one financial secret kept, it is predictable that divorce will happen to you and your partner in a short time.

4. You and your partner have different views about children

If you and your partner have differences about raising children, how many children are wanted, or one of you does not want children, and these differences cannot be compromised properly, then it is certain your relationship will crack sooner or later. Therefore, discuss as clearly as possible with your partner about children as early as possible before it’s too late.

5. You and your partner are unable to refrain from insulting each other

Using harsh words, using dirty nicknames, offensive jokes, or sarcasm with a partner is not a recipe for healthy relationship communication. If you and your partner often do this in relationships, it’s better to end it than to continue and hurt each other even further.

6. You Prefer Silence When Conflict Occurs

This is the beginning of a split in the relationship. When you prefer silence when fighting, for whatever reason, you will not get any benefit except separation. A healthy couple may be quiet because it takes time to calm down, but they always intend to solve the problem, however difficult it may be. If you are lazy to solve problems, you should just separate.

7. You and your partner can’t trust each other

Trust is one of the most important keys in marriage. If you find it hard to trust your partner and vice versa, you need to end the relationship and start again with someone else. In marriage, being possessive and insecure of your partner’s trust will not bring happiness and comfort.

8. You and Your Partner Cannot Share Household Tasks Fairly

If you and your partner always accuse each other of doing housework without sharing it fairly, hatred will quickly occur in your marriage. Ideally, couples must be willing to share household tasks fairly. That way, equality and balance in the household can be maintained properly.

9. You and your partner are reluctant to spend time together

If you avoid your partner for various reasons, both to maintain intimacy or maintain relationships, the sign of your relationship is no longer worth living. Conditions like these can make an unstable marriage. Unless you and your partner want to make positive changes, you should immediately end it and start a better new beginning.

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