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7 This can be a prediction. Number 5 needs to be anticipated!

Based on research, the age factor of husband and wife when married can be one of the causes of divorce. Includes the following 6 other things.

Discrepancies, lost love, or one party being captivated by another person, are often associated with divorce.
But several studies reveal there are similarities in each divorced couple, which can be a prediction of the cause of their divorce.
The results of this study, can even detect early on, whether the couple will last or end in divorce. Only by looking at 7 factors that cause divorce all couples who separated.

Here are 7 things that often cause divorce, but often go unnoticed:

1. Married in adolescence or above 32 years

Research says, those who are married as teenagers (under the age of 20 years) or in the mid-30s, have a high risk of divorce. Compared to those who get married in their late 20s or early 30s. This risk is very high in married couples when they are still teenagers.

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