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4 Korean Artist Couples who divorced in a short amount of time

The marriage of Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo which ended in divorce gave rise to a stir among Korean celebrity fans, especially for those who are fond of the couple nicknamed the Song Song Couple. The separation of the two main stars Descendants of the Sun was indeed surprising, because it was short. Just formalizing the relationship in 2017, now both have agreed to divorce.

Actually, it’s not just Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo who are undergoing a lightning marriage. Here we show a series of Korean celebrity couples whose marriages are only about the age of corn.

Chae Rim – Lee Sung-hwan

Before marrying Chinese celebrity Jiame Gao in 2014, the beautiful Chae Rim was edited by Lee Sung-hwan. The actress and singer couple were married in 2003. It is said that Chae Rim is a fan of a man who is 14 years older than him. Unfortunately the marriage only lasted for 2 years.

The name Lee So-yeon is well known in Indonesia thanks to her role as Jang Hui-bin in the Dong Yi series. Without news of dating or fiancee, this beautiful actress announced the news of marriage in 2015. Her husband is Choi Jae-sung, an entrepreneur in the field of information technology who is 2 years younger than him.

The couple was brought together through a blind date. Then they decided to get married in a short time. Unfortunately, their marriage also lasted only briefly. Both decided to divorce in 2018 on the grounds of differences in nature.

Chae Jung-an

Not many people know that Chae Jung-an was married. The Coffee Prince and Queen of Reversals actress revealed the story of her past in the Some Men and Some Women program. He had married a high-ranking marketing company in 2005. But the marriage was only able to last less than 2 years.

Shin Dong Ho

Shin Dong-ho is better known as a former member of U-Kiss. The K-pop star married his non-celebrity lover, Kim Seehee in 2015. Their marriage was controversial because of the young age of the bride and groom, accompanied by Dong-ho’s decision to leave U-Kiss.

After being blessed with a son in 2016, it turns out that the couple was unable to maintain the household dipper. They officially divorced in 2018.

Song Joong Ki – Song Hye-kyo

The most shocking divorce news this year could come from the Song Song Couple. Song Joong Ki recently issued an official statement that he had sued for divorce Song Hye-kyo. The couple who met through the drama Descendants of The Sun were married in 2017. Their marriage has not been running for 3 years.

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